ATZ ™ and Solange Jesus of Sporting Clube de Portugal join forces with a project of future which aims the presence of the athlete in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

After supporting the Recreio Desportivo de Águeda, a unique association in the region and a national example of sportsmanship, the ATZ ™ maintains its commitment of supporting local sports with the sponsorship of this athlete.

Arising from ADERCUS, Solange Jesus integrates since 2010 the team of Sporting Clube de Portugal. With a path of excellence, where she obtained numerous outstanding results at national level and various international representations in European Championships, and around the World, the athlete now hopes to assert its value in senior level towards the Tokyo Olympic Games.

“The level that I intend to achieve requires of me a major training and preparation. This support puts me closer to the goals that I intend to achieve, and I will stay focused on my work in order to maintain the trust that is given to me” are the words of  the athlete who recently won the title of National Champion of Short Cross in teams.

Ricardo Cruz, director of the company says on this point that “at ATZ™ we aim to support those, who like us, after win the national targets, are intended to conquer new goals. This athletic of excellence at national level will now give the next step in order to intensify the internationalization of her career and so we will support it so she can take the name of ATZ™ and Agueda across the borders “.

in Região de Águeda | 06.11.2015
Link: http://www.regiaodeagueda.com/site/atz-anuncia-patrocinio-a-atleta-do-sporting/