To keep your hardware with an attractive appearance over a longer period of time you just need to carefully follow the following precautions:

− Before installation the hardware should be stored in a dry place.

− The Hardware should be installed only at the final stage of construction, after the treatment/varnishing of all the timber.
Once applied, the hardware must remain protected until the conclusion of the construction process.

− After the installation of the hardware, no acid substances, or solvents, for cleaning the floors can be used because the vaporization can cause damage to the hardware.

− For cleaning, use only cloths or nylon sponges with water, neutral products or products suitable for this purpose. Don’t use chemicals that aren’t indicated for the cleaning of stainless steel products because this can result to the appearance of stains or rust points on the surface of the products (examples: heavy acids or heavy alkaline products HCl – acid cloridric, H2SO4 – sulfuric acid, HN03 – acid nitric, NaOH – hydroxide of sodium, KOH – hydroxide of potassium).

− When cleaning with a neutral product or a product indicated for this purpose, you should always remove it afterwards with clean water.

− Finish cleaning always with a passage of a dry and soft cloth. Do not use, under any circumstances, steel sponges, glass wool or non-specific abrasive mesh for Stainless Steel, besides being able to scratch the surface they can also deposit residue of steel that will result with the creation of oxidation points.

− To preserve the original shine of the products, note the direction in which the Stainless Steel has been polished and clean it with a plastic sponge, preferentially nylon, always in the same direction. Valid only for the satin  finished products.

− In the case of Stainless Steel AISI 304, the finish may suffer corrosion due to atmospheric conditions (oxidation), this can be eliminated by cleaning the item with a cleaning product specific for Stainless Steel.

− If there’s a need to carry out a thorough cleaning to the items, use only specific products for this purpose and please take notice previously of the characteristics and chemical compositions of these cleaning products.

In case you need further clarification on this matter and/or what products to use, please contact us by the means that you consider most convenient.